Best budgeting apps in 2022

A good budgeting app should do more than just tell you how your money is being spent. It should also give you a deeper perspective of how your income is saved and probably invested. The budgeting apps we have explored here offer you great insights and information about your earnings and also teach you how best to meet your financial goals.

If you are looking for a good budgeting app in 2022, here are some great ones to consider.

At a glance…



Best For



Tracking Expenses

$8 per month


Overall personal finance management


Saving and Investing

$5 per month



All-round Financial advice and for couples


Couples and Married people

Free for 30 days and then $60/year per couple

Overall Financial Advice

$59.99/3 months

Sharing Expenses


Tracking investments and net worth


Qube Money


Best for: Tracking Expenses

If you had previously enjoyed saving money in envelopes (or jars), then you will enjoy using this application. Not many people have money in jars or envelopes in the 21st century anymore… but QubeMoney isn’t ready to get rid of this thrill. It has transformed this old tradition into a modern and paperless one.

How it works:

Qubemoney was voted as the best budgeting app for tracking expenses in 2021 by the Real Simple Smart money awards (You can read more about this here).

Just as you did with envelopes, you divide your money into different categories (say groceries, rent, entertainment, travel, etc) and then allocate different amounts to these categories. These categories are referred to as ‘Qubes’.

When you are shopping, you do not need to start figuring out how much to take out for expenses. You simply click on the right ‘Qube’ and funds get transferred to the Qube Card. You will get instant notifications about your spending.

Once the funds in one Qube have been depleted, you cannot spend the funds from another cube just yet. This prevents impulse purchases and ensures you have thoughtful spending.

Why we love this app:

It is straightforward. It forces you to slow down and think about whether you want to spend money on a particular item before making the purchase. You can also share the app with other family members if you want accountability. They will receive notifications on every purchase you make via the App.

Pricing: $8 per month

Availability: Both on Google Play and App Store

How it works Video:


Best for: Overall personal finance management

Mint is the most downloaded finance app – and for good reason. It offers users a 360 degrees overview of their personal finance – Expense tracking, savings, financial goals, budgeting, and credit monitoring.

How it Works:

When you download Mint, you wouldn’t need to download other financial apps to take care of different segments of your financial life. You can access all your financial life inside this app. You connect all your accounts (cash, credit, loans, investments, etc) and track how your cash moves with ease.

You will track your bills, subscriptions, accounts, and every other expense you have while receiving real-time notifications when a bill is due. You even receive notifications whenever your subscription costs change. If you have a savings plan, simply key in your savings goal and create budgets inside the app.

You will receive notifications whenever you are going against this plan.

Why we love the App

It may seem complicated at first, but it is a very interactive and easy-to-use application when you give it a go. They even offer you a free credit score! With every aspect of your personal finance covered in this app, you do not need to keep scouting for other apps to take care of different financial needs.

Pricing: Free

Availability: Both on Google Play and App Store


Best for: Saving and Investing

Digit is a simple all-in-one financial application. It helps you to budget, save, and invest your money.

How it works:

Whenever you receive money, Digit places different portions into different segments. For instance, it allocates a certain amount to pay bills and other utilities. Money is moved to a separate account so that you do not spend what you will need later on. Then it starts allocating money towards your goals.

If there is money remaining after this, the app invests the money in different investment vehicles (of your choice, of course).

Why we love the app:

It is simple to use and simple to understand. It takes away the anxiety of what to do with our money whenever we receive it. If you are dedicated enough, the app can also help you build a safety net for the future by investing certain sums in long-term investment vehicles.

Digit also pays you a 0.10% annual yield on all the savings you have inside the application.

Pricing: $5 per month

Availability: Both on Google Play and App Store


Best for: Couples

Honeydue is one of the best budgeting apps for couples. It is designed to help couples manage their finances together. It has a wide coverage (supporting over 20,000 financial institutions across 5 countries) that makes it easy for couples to manage their accounts and money.

How Honeydue works:

With this application, each person is aware of what their obligation is. For instance, when a bill is due, the app sends a notification to the respective person urging them to clear before they incur charges or penalties. Partners can also approve or ask a question about any transaction made by the other. They also offer the option of couples having a joint cash account inside the app.

Why we love the app:

It takes away the anxiety, stress, and uncertainties about money inside a relationship. Couples are free to enjoy their marriage without worrying about how their money is being spent. It brings about clarity and transparency among couples.

If you are saving for a common goal, you can check milestones on the app easily.

Pricing: Free

Availability: Both on Google Play and App Store


Best for: All-round Financial advice and for couples

Zeta is designed to be a personal finance life companion. No matter what your goal is (paying for college debt, planning your first paycheck, preparing for your first child, or saving for your first house), Zeta will be there to offer much-needed financial advice.

How it Works:

Using Smart technology, Zeta offers a platform that covers every aspect of your life and acts as a willing companion for every stage of your financial need. There is a ton of advice on how to tackle every financial challenge you will come across in your life.

It is perfect for couples as it connects to all banking accounts and allows the owners to enjoy automatic updates or do the updates manually. You can set financial goals for yourself, or combined goals for your partner as well, and keep track of this right from the application.

You can also create budgets for both personal and shared expenses.

Why we love this app:

It is very comprehensive. It allows easy money management for couples. It has a wide network (can work with over 10,000 financial institutions). Each partner can see what the other is doing and they can jointly handle all their budgets, expenses, and goals from the application.

Pricing: Free

Availability: Both on Google Play and App Store


Best for: Couples and Married people

Honeyfi by Firstly is also another wonderful budgeting app for couples and married people. You can monitor your finances and changes to the finances in real-time. You can also set a common goal and track it with your partner at the same time – allowing you to be accountable to each other and help accomplish your goals.

How it works:

You register into the app by setting your goals as a couple. Then you can customize your budgeting and bill tracking per the goal you set. You can control different accounts and metrics as you wish inside the application. You and your partner will receive constant notifications and analytics whenever there are any changes to your money.

Why we love it:

It is easy to use and fairly straightforward. There are no hidden charges or complex models to make your financial life difficult. You just need to register, connect your accounts, set your goals, and you will be good to go.

Pricing: Free for 30 days and then $60/year per couple


Dave Ramsey has helped millions of people get out of debt and become financially free through a series of video advice, podcasts and articles he offers on various online platforms. He has taken things a notch higher by coming up with a budgeting application that helps people get their financial situations in check: Everydollar.

How it works:

Everydollar application may be a budgeting app, but in accordance with Ramsey’s philosophy of helping people excel financially, it comes with a lot of information and tidbits that can be invaluable to the user. It is easy to use and covers all categories of personal finance.

You will also learn a lot about saving, investing, and getting out of debt via this application. You can create a savings fund, track your debt payments, sync your bank accounts, see your budget reports and keep track of every penny in your account.

Why we love it:

It is easy to use. The ton of financial advice Ramsey offers on this application and his blog makes this a very practical application. It is like you are paying a financial coach to guide you through your journey of financial independence.

Pricing: $59.99/3 months

Availability: Download from Everydollar website


Best for: Sharing expenses

Splitwise is a great application for people seeking to achieve a common objective while sharing expenses. You can use the app to organize bills for trips, households, and other common goals.

How it works:

You create a group and invite people into that group. Then you add the projected expenses. The expenses and the goals are backed up online. Anyone within this group can see them and add balances here. You can also easily keep track of who has paid and who has not paid.

Why we love it:

The application contains many features that make it easy for the members to work towards a common goal. You do not have to worry about constantly reminding them about their financial obligations. Once they have understood what they need to do, the app takes care of the rest.

Members receive notifications and alerts whenever there are changes to the balance in the account.

Price: Free   

Availability: Apple Store

Personal Capital

Best For: Tracking investments and net worth

The Personal Capital app is great for monitoring your investments, finances, and retirement. It is more than a budgeting app. You can see all your accounts in one place – savings, investment accounts, stocks, and retirement funds.

How it works:

There is a retirement planner tool integrated into the application. This tool allows you to monitor your portfolio and prepare for retirement. You can manage all your bank and investment accounts in the application, including your 401k and IRA.

Why we love the App:

The Personal Capital app is designed to offer solid investment and retirement advice. It contains a lot of information and good tips for people seeking to get out of debt and grow their portfolios.

Pricing: Free

Availability: Both on Google Play and App Store

Simplifi by Quicken

Best For: All-round financial advice

Simplifi was voted the best budgeting app by the New York Times’ wirecutter for two consecutive years. It boasts of the capability to help you stay on top of your financial situation in under 5 minutes every week.

How it works:

You can track your progress through both short-term and long-term goals easily via this app. The income tracking feature of this application is one of the most important features here, especially if your income is not consistent (freelancing, maybe?). It also offers a comprehensive picture of how you manage your money, as well as your overall net worth.

Why we love the app:

The app does not support ads. I understand that some companies try to make money through these ads but it can be pretty annoying especially when your money does not seem to balance out as you wish. It is also an easy-to-use application with a lot of features and comprehensive on-demand reporting.

The only downside is that they do not offer free credit scores within the application.

Pricing: $5.99/month

Availability: Both on Google Play and App Store

Final thoughts on the topic

There are many things to look for in a good budgeting app and with so many of these being created daily, you might be spoilt for choice. Whatever you decide to download, make sure it will meet your personal finance needs without an issue.

The more information and features an application has, the better it is suited to take care of your needs.

Not all paid apps are great, so the price factor should be the last thing on your mind. Whichever app you choose, make sure it works for you to help you accomplish your financial goals this year.

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