Best Ergonomic Office chairs you can use while working from home

If you spend long periods of time seated while working, you need a seat that is comfortable. We are talking about something that supports your back and reduces the stress on your spine. Ergonomic seats can be expensive and finding the right one can be a complex task. In this article, we have reviewed some of the best ergonomic seats you can buy based on comfort, durability, and adaptability criteria.

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1. Mid-Back Black Mesh Swivel Task Chair with Leather Padded Seat and Flip-Up Arms


Nothing beats the convenience of a chair that provides you the comfort and support you need to get through a workday. One manufacturer renowned for ergonomic office chairs that provide sufficient support for maximum comfort is FlashFurniture. 

With a long-standing reputation for creating quality products (not to mention a collection of warehouses in Nevada, Georgia, and Mississippi), FlashFurniture knows its way around great office chairs and this Mid-Back Mesh Swivel Task Chair is a clear demonstration of what this expertise. 


Sitting in the office for long hours can be tedious, that is why you need a chair that is designed with ventilation in mind. This unit, for instance, comes with a ventilated mesh back made of a breathable material that allows air to circulate with ease.

This means you don’t have to worry about any discomfort caused by a sweaty back even after hours of sitting on your desk. It also comes with leather padded arms that come in handy whenever you need to relax.

You can also flip up the arms for more maneuverability. 

Essentially you can use the chair as an armless chair (if you so desire, for whatever reason) since the arms are easily detachable.

To top it all off, the leather padding on the rest of the chair is designed to ensure durability even after years of use, so you do not need to be breaking your bank every few months to buy a new chair.             


When it comes to comfort, its most outstanding features include built-in lumbar support that easily prevents any back strain or fatigue.

As expected, it comes with a pneumatic seat height adjustment lever that is easily accessible since it’s located right beneath the seat.

 Also, thanks to the flip-up arm design, this chair can easily be adjusted to take some pressure off your neck and shoulders. This is a great feature since it offers alternatives for professionals who spend endless hours working while seated.

 Covered with black leather upholstery, this office seat features 3-inch padding of fire-resistant foam on its swivel seat. This adds to its durability and comfort as well.  

The waterfall design on the edges allows for better and healthier blood flow to the legs thus supporting your health in the long run.


Overall, the tilt lock mechanism works well to fit any rock or recline position. You can turn the tilt tension adjustment knob to either increase or decrease the rocking or reclining force you would need.

Rolling the chair around the office is also easy thanks to the high-quality wheel casters at the base. 

At just 34.35 pounds, this chair is easy to carry or wheel around the office. 

The ventilated mesh back will leave you feeling comfortable for more than 8 hours non-stop. It comes with a breathable and transparent mesh on the back that keeps air circulation for maximum comfort. 

From the floor to the top of the seat is about 23 inches to about 30 inches. This is enough room for anyone under 6 feet tall. 

If you are going for an office chair that will help you beat the summer heat; this unit will be a great addition to the office thanks to its breathable transparent back. We think this feature is a game-changer.

 The back is curved for sufficient lower back and lumbar support that allows you to seat straight. It also has a straightforward setup process and most users report that it only took about 20 minutes from start to finish.  

 It’s also a durable chair with a leather finish on the seat and the arms.


  • It has sufficiently built-in lumbar support

  • Easily adjustable 

  • Ventilated back for comfort

  • Leather padding for durability


  • Armrest height is not adjustable

2. Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair in Blue


Whether it’s furniture for your bedroom, your dining area, or your office, products from Modway’s Furniture are made with a modern touch that simply fits the taste of the most discerning user.

When it comes to making ergonomic office chairs, their Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair speaks for itself. It comes in a variety of colors and offers a level of comfort that is hard to beat.


This ergonomic office chair is built with a breathable mesh and passive lumbar support. With over 6 inches of generous padding on the seat, you get maximum comfort as well.

 The upholstery is designed to impress even the most discerning user.  

With a weight capacity of 30 pounds, you will love having this lightweight chair in your office.  

This office chair is designed for easy customization that is if you are looking to replace the seat with a new custom-made design. However, beware since this will possibly void your warranty. 

The chair is designed to hold up to 331 lbs making it suitable for most users.


The Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair is feature-rich. The mesh fabric on the back of the chair is made such that it can stretch easily. 

Not only is it made to look pretty but it is also easily replaceable if you ever want a different look or feel. 

The chair can be assembled without the armrest therefore; you can go ahead and install an adjustable armrest since. What you get in the box, however, is a contoured and adjustable armrest. 

This means you can increase or decrease the height of the armrest to find a level of comfort that suits your preferences.  

Overall, the chair is designed to support a healthy vertical sitting position with its one-touch chair height adjustment. This is by far one of the most important considerations for most users. 


The armrest is adjustable yet it remains sturdy even after long-term use. 

In terms of maneuverability, the chair comes with five dual-wheel casters. The 360-degree tilt and lock system works well with the pneumatic adjustable height to make it easy to alternate from one position to the other. 

Some users complained about barely being able to see the changes in the tilt of the seat. However, a simple solution is to pull the middle lever up and backward. Do it like you would in a recliner. This will eventually allow the chair to tilt appropriately. 

When it’s all said and done, the chair can support a sufficient amount of weight while remaining sturdy making it a perfect fit for a variety of use cases. 


  • Adjustable armrest

  • Easy assembly

  • Stylish, modern look

  • Glides easily on carpeted floors

  • It is available in a variety of colors


  • It is slightly expensive

3. BestOffice Chair Ergonomic Cheap Desk Chair


If good office chairs make you work much faster and with better focus, then the next office chair is bound to speed up your workflow even further. 

To begin with, this office chair comes with easy-to-assemble parts. It is an office chair from BestOffice and it features a breathable mesh back that easily allows for air circulation. 

Therefore, even on hot days in the summer, you can still maintain a cool feel in the office. 

Also, the armrest is made to suit better relaxation which can be helpful, especially during stressful workdays.


This chair is designed to fit the modern office. It boasts of thick padding on the seats for extra support and comfort daily. 

For more adjustability, the chair comes with a tension control system that works as expected. This means you get a chair with an adjustable height to make it fit with your desk design no matter how tall you might be. 

Thanks to the human-oriented ergonomic construct, the chair can provide maximum comfort for your back and lumbar section. Plus you can rock it back and forth to fit your style and preferred sitting position. 


Now let’s take a look at its most outstanding features. This unit comes with reliable practicability not to mention a modern style that blends well in an office setting.   

Its breathable mesh at the back is made of nylon for reliable support to your back and lumbar. In terms of flexibility, the chair comes with a 360-degree swivel wheel that makes it easy to multitask as you roll smoothly across the office.   

In terms of assembly, you get a detailed set of instructions that tells you where each of the screws has to be installed. Although a bit small, this chair is capable of supporting up to 2500lbs at its base and a maximum of 250lbs at the seat. 

The seat is supported by a commercial class-3 gas lift shaft that is not only easily adjustable but also safe with SGS and BIFMA certifications. 

If you are looking for a working or gaming chair with decent mid-back support, going with this unit is a great choice. 

It features an ergonomic armrest that allows you to sit in the most relaxed position while you play or work for hours on end. 


Right out of the box, this unit is designed with the convenience of easy installment. 

The assembly instructions are straightforward and you can easily have your seat ready in about 15 minutes once you tighten all the screws in place. 

The executive design and style that this office chair comes with make it a perfect fit for a conference room as well. 

The chair is made with a modern look that easily blends with the rest of the office furniture. 

With a capacity to hold up a maximum of 250lbs, this chair performs well in terms of stability and its heavy-duty base makes it reliable for various users of different body weights. 

Although most users noted that it was rather small, they also gave it a thumb up for its level of comfort and its sturdy and strong performance.


  • Designed for heavy-duty use

  • Easy to assemble

  • Stylish look

  • Ergonomic design for mid-back support

  • Affordable 


  • The armrest might be slightly low for people taller than 6ft.


  • Designed for heavy-duty use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Stylish look
  • Ergonomic design for mid-back support
  • Affordable 


  • The armrest might be slightly low for people taller than 6ft.

4. AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Swivel Office Desk Chair


If you are looking for an office chair worth the money, this Amazon Basics High-Back Executive Swivel Office Desk Chair might be worth your while.

It comes with a pneumatic seat height adjustment, not to mention a 360-degree swivel that ensures smooth rolling across the floor of the office. 

On top of all its amazing features is a 1-year limited warranty that guarantees the durability and reliability of the unit.  


This office chair is designed to fit a sleek professional look. 

It comes with a sophisticated level of support that features an executive chair upholstered leather and PVC design for durability. 

The executive look of the seat comes with a padded seat and back design for reliable back support and comfort throughout the day. 

The padded seats are also covered with bonded leather and PVC to complete the executive look of the chair with a smooth and supple finish. 

The unit comes with a butterfly seat plate design with curved contours that keep your body (especially your back) properly aligned. This makes it easy to use the chair for long hours without fatigue. 

The armrest of the chair is 28 inches from the floor surface and when the chair is fully raised it stands about 8 inches above the seat. 

Even though the armrest height cannot be adjusted it is designed ergonomically to fit users of different heights. 


If you are looking for an office chair that will easily fit your personalized comfort, this unit might be the one for you since it comes with an easily accessible and reliable adjustable setting. 

Using the pneumatic control handles, you can raise the seat or lower it. 

For a versatile range of motion, the chair features a 360-degree swivel and nylon caster that makes multitasking much easier. 

The nylon caster is made for durability and smooth-rolling even after years of use.   

This chair can support a maximum of 275 pounds which is reliable for heavy-duty usage. 

In terms of adjustability, you can adjust this chair from a height of 41.3 4 to 45.08 inches. 


The pneumatic control handles are easy to use. 

To raise the seat all you have to do is first remove your weight from the seat and then pull the handle. 

To lower it, stay seated and pull the handle up to your desired height. 

The chair also tilts and rocks back and forth. You can also set it to remain rigid. 

According to most users of this executive office chair from Amazon, the padding on the seat holds up pretty well. This makes it a decent chair that can be used for long hours without fatigue. 

In addition, assembly is easy and thanks to the included detailed instructions, you might only have to spend about 10 minutes to get it ready. 


  • Quality padding for reliable comfort

  • It is capable of heavy-duty support

  • Attractive executive look

  • Easily accessible pneumatic control handles


  • Armrest height is not adjustable

  • The leather upholstery could be better

5. Modway Edge Mesh Back and Mesh Seat Office Chair


At this point, it’s pretty clear that Modway has carved out a niche for itself when it comes to manufacturing ergonomic office chairs that suit comfort and style. 

With the Modway Edge Mesh Back and Mesh Seat Office Chair, you get a quality seat that users have come to expect with Modways products.

This chair is not only durable but also comes with a two-tone five-star nylon base with reliable back support. 


This office chair is designed for professionals who love practicality and comfort. 

The back of the seat is made with a breathable mesh that makes sitting on the chair for hours over the summer much more bearable. 

With a solid lower back and lumbar support, the ergonomic design of this seat is not just built for comfort but also for maximum support. 

That way you can align your back properly and avoid fatigue. 


Among its most outstanding features is the five dual-wheeled casters that make gliding across the office floor such a cinch. 

The wheels on the hooded casters are made to roll easily on any flooring surface – and this is a good plus. 

You also get a synchronized tilt and tension control system that makes it easy to rock your chair back and forth if you ever need to. 

In terms of height adjustments, the chair comes with a pneumatic gas cylinder that supports the seat and is controlled by easily accessible height and tilt adjustment handles. 


Whether you are looking for a chair for work or play, the Modway Edge Mesh Back and Mesh Seat Office Chair is ideal for a variety of tasks. 

In case you plan to play your guitar or your favorite musical instrument, you can flip the arms back and have sufficient room to maneuver. 

Furthermore, the armrest is padded with a material that is designed for maximum comfort. 

Another comfort feature that makes this office chair stand out is the pneumatic gas cylinder support that adjusts smoothly and with ease to fit your preferred height. 

The hooded dual-wheel nylon caster also works well to improve your multitasking skills in the office as you move from one area to the other. The only complaint about this chair is that its back support is not the best.  

Some users had issues with its recline function in that the tension was not sufficient for an upright posture. 

However, the chair comes with a recline tension knob under the seat that can be used to adjust to a preferred tension level. 


  • Stylish modern design

  • Waterfall edges for maximum comfort

  • Breathable mesh back

  • Flip-up armrest


  • Armrest height is not adjustable

  • Back support could be better

6. Herman Miller Sayl Ergonomic Office Chair


Herman Miller is an American company known for producing office furniture and equipment. This particular office chair was designed with support and sophisticated aesthetics in mind. 

The chair features an overall attractive look not to mention a 3 dimensional back that stretches to give you healthy support. 


If you are looking for a chair that goes beyond pleasing aesthetics to represent the very idea of freedom in the office, picking the Herman Miller Sayl Ergonomic Office Chair might be a great idea. 

This chair comes with a design that encourages a full range of seated positions and movements.  

The visual aesthetics are eye-capturing with Y-Tower support at the back. All the support you need is embedded into the Y-Tower material thus eliminating the need for hard edges around the chair. 


Since there are no hard edges used in its design, this chair is bound to adapt well to an individual’s specific body shape and weight. 

The chair only weighs about 35 lbs yet it can support well over 250lbs of weight on its seat.   

This is not only a lightweight chair that you can easily carry around the office; it’s also 93 percent recyclable thanks to its groundbreaking engineering. It’s a durable chair as well. 

The chair provides sufficient back support that works well even for those with back pains. It comes with height adjustability going from34.45 inches to 38.75 inches. 


If you are going for a futuristic and modern look in your office, this chair will add a touch of sophistication to your office design. 

The chair easily rocks back and forth thus allowing you to find a sitting position that suits your taste. 

The Herman Miller Sayl Ergonomic Office Chair features fixed armrests. 

This means you cannot adjust the height of the armrest. However, this is barely an issue even with the most discerning users. s expected, it has an adjustable height that goes as low as 16 inches from the flow. The seat is padded with upholstered fabric for comfort. 

It features back support that increases flexibility and maneuverability. Furthermore, this chair is easy to assemble and it has smooth height adjustability with sufficient support.  


  • Sufficient back support

  • Elegant and stylish look

  • Lightweight build quality

  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • It’s expensive

  • Armrest is fixed

7. Office Star High Back ProGrid Back FreeFlex Seat


If you are looking for a chair with a variety of comfort features fit for hours of work without fatigue, the Office Star High Back ProGrid Back FreeFlex Seat can be a decent choice. 

Besides, OfficeStar has built up its reputation as a family-owned business that produces customer-centric products. 

Therefore, you can bet that this office chair will make a valuable addition to your office in terms of comfort and practicality. 


The modern design of this ergonomic office chair from OfficeStar is perhaps the first thing you will notice. It has an elegant ergonomic look that comes with a breathable and sturdy back support for maximum comfort. 

The chair is easily adjustable with a one-touch pressurized control for height and tilt control.  

The chair comes with a level of flexibility that allows you to make it fit any sitting posture or position. Another design feature that most users will love is that the chair had an adjustable armrest. 

This allows you to relax and feel comfortable after a hard day’s work no matter your height. 


Some of the chair’s most notable features include the pneumatic seat height adjustment. 

Add that to the fact that you can adjust the seat depth and you have an office chair worth the money. 

The 360 swivel on this seat allows for multiple ergonomic adjustments for comfort throughout the day. You get up to 5 levels of multifunctional control handles that support productivity and upright posture. 

You can adjust the height of the armrest to a minimum of 25.5 inches from the floor.

The minimum armrest to seat height stands at 6.75 inches. However, the seat height is 18.25 inches. 

In terms of weight, this chair can hold up a maximum of 250lbs yet it only weighs about 51 lbs. 

In case you want more support for your head, the chair comes with holes that allow you to add a headrest. 


If you are looking for a chair with a high level of comfort either for gaming or long hours of professional work, this chair from OfficeStar makes a decent pick. 

Although it easily compares to other standard chairs in the market, it stands out for the multiple functions that allow you to adjust it to your most preferred sitting position. 

The cushion padding on the seat is firm and dense meaning it can last through long-term use without going flat. Plus the black mesh at the back of the seat adds to the breathability of the seat allowing you to use it in hot areas.

 If you like to move around the office while multitasking, this chair will also work just fine. Most users report that the casters roll smoothly over any type of floor. 


  • Multiple adjustability functions

  • Stylish and modern look

  • Durable and firm padding

  • Sufficient back and lumbar support


  • There is no padding on the armrest

  • Slightly expensive 

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