Best networking groups and why you are missing out if you are not in one

If you are not in a networking group at this age, you could be missing out on incredible opportunities. Relationships matter a lot, particularly where one seeks to enhance their skills, mentor others, grow their business, or advance an important agenda.

But how do you know which is the best type of networking group to join?

There are tons of them out there. Most of them are just scams or timewasters.

There are also pure golden associations and the trick lies in knowing which ones are productive and which are not. The following list offers some recommendations on some of the best networking groups you could join today.

Professional associations

As the name suggests, these groups are designed to pool professionals from a specific field. They could be accountants, architects, lawyers, doctors, engineers, and so forth. These groups offer great resources and networking opportunities for people belonging to the specified professions. Examples of such associations include the following;

Here, people get the chance to exchange ideas with others in the same field and potentially get clients through referrals and building trust among themselves.

Online/social networks

Social networks were initially designed to be just a platform where people meet others and share different aspects of their lives. Social networks have since evolved to become some of the most important and crucial networking platforms out there. People with similar interests link through these platforms to create meaningful relationships.

Some of the most popular ones include LinkedIn and Face book. There are others social networks such as which pools together individuals from different professions and interests.

Casual contact networking groups

Also known as local chambers of commerce, these casual contact groups are becoming increasingly popular as a way of forming meaningful relationships. All one needs to do is to find one within their locality that has people who share common interests and link with them. These groups are great in consolidating local businesses and building great business relationships.

The owners of these businesses form a board that governs a set of policies and regulations that each member should adhere to. It fosters good interpersonal relationships within the community.

Community service clubs

How about getting a chance to network whilst giving back to the community?

Community service clubs such as Rotary and Lions provide such an opportunity. These clubs attract professionals who have the agenda of advancing their careers and providing some form of community service alongside other professionals.

You will find some very high profile and net worth people in this group and belonging to them certainly offers one an edge in getting the kind of clientele they wish.

Alumni Associations

Where best to network than among the people you went to school and goofed with for a number of years?

Alumni associations are important because people get to share their experiences and offer referrals in their specific field of influence. They also offer a great way to stay in touch with your friends and exchange ideas and experiences.

Final words

If you are still using the traditional way of prospecting such as cold emailing, you might have to consider upgrading your approach or risk redundancy in the future.

Cold emailing might have worked in the past (and still does to an extent) but its embers are slowly burning out. Millennials who are quickly dominating the business and corporate scenes value forming meaningful relationships as opposed to cold, informal setups.

 Find a good networking group today, be active and you might see your options opening up wide for you.

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